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Raising the bar for transparency

Bitcoin companies should be as transparent as Bitcoin - and we are proud to be the first digital asset lending company to complete a Proof-of-Reserves attestation with a Certified Public Accountant. Since then, this procedure has been conducted every 6 months.

The Ledn difference

  • Proof-of-Reserves Standard

    Your assets deserve ongoing transparency - and we are committed to it. We are the first company in the digital asset lending industry to pioneer a third-party proof-of-reserves standard by a public accounting company, and the first to make it a part of our ongoing processes. We believe this should be the standard - so we lead by example.

  • Accountability

    Our Proof-of-Reserves standard covers all client assets and lending operations - providing our clients with confidence that their assets are properly accounted for. The process involves a top-25 public accounting firm that independently observes the total custodial liabilities owed to Ledn clients and the assets that Ledn holds in custody on behalf of clients. All while preserving client privacy.

  • Transparency meets privacy

    Private client information is never exposed to the public accountant during the Proof-of-Reserves attestation procedure. Ledn creates a unique anonymized hash ID for every client reference number - and for every new attestation. This hashed ID is matched with each account's balances for the attestation. The unique hashed ID is then provided to each client with a balance, so that they can verify their balance was included in the attestation on the public accountant's website.

What is a Proof-of-Reserves attestation?

A Proof-of-Reserves attestation is a procedure whereby an independent public accountant reviews Ledn's client asset balances, as well as its lending, and custodial balances at a point in time, independent of Ledn's management, to ensure that the company is properly accounting for client assets.

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