Earn Interest on your Bitcoin

3.6% APY Interest paid monthly - in bitcoin

Save more, faster

Bitcoin investors are always looking for ways to grow their wealth and boost investment returns. After buying bitcoin, most investors store them in an exchange or in a hardware wallet - where they can’t generate further wealth. The Ledn Savings account allows bitcoin investors to earn compound interest on their bitcoin deposits and grow their wealth. Simply deposit your bitcoins in the account and start saving right away. Opening an account takes 2 minutes. Start saving or chat with one of our advisors today!

Fully Compliant in Canada

Ledn Bitcoin Savings Accounts are fully compliant with the laws of Canada. As such, Ledn is held to the highest standards of consumer protection, data privacy, and customer service. Ledn is not an ICO.

Get Paid Monthly

Interest payments are calculated and paid out in bitcoin. Interest payments are issued at the start of every month and deposited back into the savings account where they can keep growing.

Grow at 3.6% APY

Compounded interest means your savings can grow exponentially. All deposits made into the Ledn savings account will enjoy a total 3.6% annual percentage yield.

How the Ledn Bitcoin Savings Account Works

  • How does Ledn generate a return?

    As a compliant Canadian company, Ledn works with institutional clients like exchanges & OTC desks that need to borrow a bitcoin to facilitate large transactions.

  • How are my bitcoins protected?

    Ledn processes bitcoin loans by taking collateral security from its borrowers. This collateral guarantees the loan and can be exercised by Ledn in the event of borrower default. .

  • Are there any fees?

    Ledn is transparent about its fees. Ledn does not charge any withdrawal fee. The only fee applied is the network fees to transfer coins.

  • Is the Bitcoin Savings Account available worldwide?

    Yes, the Ledn Bitcoin Savings account is available to bitcoiners worldwide with the exception of a few locations. The Ledn Bitcoin Savings account is not available to individuals who are sanctioned by Canada. Additionally, it is not available to residents of the following U.S. states: New York, Connecticut, Washington, and Wyoming.